Battle Receivers Double Threat Football Gloves - Black/Black


$29.99 - $39.99


The Battle Sports Receivers Double Threat Football Gloves are the brand's best selling football receiver gloves. The gloves are constructed using the highest quality tackified material, Double Threat, making the football easier to hold onto. The gloves are loaded with other great features as well, including durable stitching, hook and loop closure and much more.

  • Double Threat for catching the toughest passes
  • Durable stitching
  • Interlocking hands show full logo
  • Reinforced knuckle protection for longer wear
  • Lightweight strength
  • Wrist allows for freedom of motion
  • Hook and loop closure wriststrap for snug fit
  • Battle's best selling receiver football gloves
  • Blad-span technology which allows for increased flexibility and range of motion for optimal performance
  • Double Threat is the highest quality tackified material in the industry

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