Forza Sports Prodigy Adjustable Speed Bag Platform with Hypersonic Swivel

Item # FZ197

California Prop 65 WARNING


The Forza Sports Prodigy Adjustable Speed Bag Platform with Hypersonic Swivel is a 12" height adjustable, wall-mounted speed bag platform that features ultra-stiff frames made from heavy gauge steel to provide superior strength and vibration resistance. The 30" drum features 1 3/4" thick maple hardwood chosen for its weight, durability and beauty. This combination creates a speed bag platform that is a true pleasure to use. The frame is powder coated for scratch resistance and durability. It is designed to mount on 16" on-center stud walls. The 30" drum is the largest diameter you can fit for the least vibration and best rebounds. The solid maple hardwood is kiln dried to perfection, cut into 1 3/4" strips and laminated back together under high compression for the perfect "butcher-block" drum you'll ever use. It is finished with multiple coats of polyurethane for a beautiful and protected end result. Included with this speed bag platform is the Hypersonic Swivel, great for intermediate and advanced users. This is the best choice of swivel for those who want to freestyle with their speed bag. The ball hook swivel is constructed using stainless steel with an electropolish finish for durability and support.

Speed Bag Platform
  • Includes hardware for mounting to wood stud walls
  • Dimensions with 30" drum: 26" x 30" x 34.5"
  • Weight: 83 pounds
30" Maple Drum
  • Solid maple hardwood
  • 1 3/4" thick
  • Finished with protective polyurethane
Hypersonic Swivel
  • Has a high degree of freedom of movement that allows for rapid switching of punching styles and high speed punching
  • Unlike swivels that restrict one axis for hitting, the swivel's ball hook opens up a greater degree of freedom of movement and provides a higher level of control of the bag
  • Hit from all sides of the bag and engage in multi-style combination striking and fluid transitions
  • The swivel housing is made of pure stainless steel with an electropolish finish
  • The brass metal ball hook rides on an internal Delrin ring allowing smooth and oil-free rotation
  • The design allows you to change your bag in seconds

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