Lifeline USA Natural Fitness 8' Hemp Yoga Strap




Bring the most difficult poses within reach with the Lifeline Natural Fitness 8' Hemp Yoga Strap. Used to improve flexibility, this sturdy strap allows you to achieve difficult binds and intensify your practice by deepening your poses. By taking the stress off joints and muscles, this strap also helps you ease into dynamic stretches and hold poses for longer periods of time. By allowing you to maintain proper alignment, this piece of equipment helps prevent injuries while speeding up your skill-level advancement.

  • 8 feet long for more pose options
  • Premium high-strength buckles
  • Used to improve flexibility
  • Takes stress off joints and muscles
  • Helps to achieve difficult binds, deepen poses, and hold poses for longer periods of time
  • Maintains proper alignment to prevent injuries
  • Made from hemp fiber

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