Performa Microfiber Classic Collection Performance Gym Towel


Reg $16.99


The Performa Microfiber Performance Gym Towel is made with a special absorbent microfiber to help lock in moisture 10 times better than your traditional cotton towel. This towel is also extremely fast-drying. One of the most important features of the Performa Performance Towel is its antimicrobial benefits. The agent kills microorganisms and stops growth to ensure you are always toweling off with a healthy towel free from odors. This feather-like lightweight towel is perfect for traveling, hiking, swimming, and more. The Performa Microfiber Performance Gym Towel is designed for those living a fast paced, healthy lifestyle. Its large 34" by 17" which perfectly covers workout benches.

  • Functional high performance towel
  • Special microfiber is 10x more absorbent than standard cotton towel
  • Fast-drying
  • Anti-microbial to prevent odor
  • Durable, soft and lightweight
  • Perfect for the gym, traveling, camping, hiking, swimming
  • Large size - 34" x 17"

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