Vulcan Uncommon Series 1.0mm Ultralight Advanced Polymer Bat Grip Tape Wrap


Reg $11.99


These patterns create a bold statement on your bat while giving players maximum feel and control in any weather. This light thickness (1.00 mm) is for an advanced feel and control on alloy and composite bats, but is suitable for wood bats as well. This is an average thickness for those who want to add a little cushion without being uncomfortable.

  • Advanced polymer grips that deliver maximum feel in dry or wet conditions
  • Features state-of-the-art "maze" imprint for the ultimate gripping solution
  • Each grip comes complete with peel-back underside adhesive strip plus finishing tape; easy and fast to apply to any bat handle
  • Fits all baseball/softball bats - wood, alloy, and composite
  • Light (1.00 mm) - Advanced feel/control on alloy and composite bats; suitable for wood bats

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